Thread Repair

We stock a wide range of thread repair kits and have chosen the V-COIL system as this has proven to be the best in terms of quality, cost and availability based on usage rates over the last 10 years.

V-COIL offers many practical thread repair sets for the following thread types: Metric, metric fine, UNC, UNF, as well as for BSW Whitworth, BSF (British-Standard-Fine) and G (BSP) pipe threads.

Tools for repairing threads in quality, sturdy packaging

The STI-taps, inserting tools as well as the wire thread inserts can be ordered separately.

The V-COIL thread repair sets include wire thread inserts 1.5xD length. Wire thread inserts in the refill packs are available in 1.0xD to 3.0xD lengths as well as in different packaging units.

Please contact us for any of your thread repair requirements.

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